Research Shows

  • Digital signs have a greater stopping power than old media to reach consumers
  • 63% said digital signs were more unique
  • 53% said digital signs were more entertaining
  • 57% said digital signs were more interesting than old media
  • Why settle for old media?
    Tap into the affordable power of Digital Advertising !

    About us

    Our Company

    In these trying economic times, business owners need new, affordable ways to communicate their message. While traditional media decline because of their high cost or limited ability to reach target consumers, digital media (digital advertising) continue to grow because of their game-changing strengths—affordability, flexibility, and effectiveness.
    Chicago Ad Solution brings these game-changing strengths of digital media to all businesses. In these tough economic times, we help businesses improve by reaching out to prospective customers through the power of digital advertising.

    Our Mission

    Focusing on our hometown market, we are committed to helping local businesses connect with local Chicago consumers. On the one hand, local businesses realize, that the most loyal customers are found in local communities. On the other hand, local consumers are looking for to find businesses they can trust. Bringing these two groups together is our mission at Chicago Ad Solution.

    Our Team

    Our management team has huge experience in helping businesses. Our goal is to improve their bottom line, break into new markets, and capitalize on new technology. Let us show you how we can use the power of digital media to help your business!

    Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about how Chicago Ad Solution can help your business tap into the power of digital advertising!