Digital Advertising benefits :

  • Your Digital Ad WILL be seen! Shoppers don’t have a choice. Digital Signage does not have to be picked up, and can’t be thrown away. Further, you can’t turn the page and you can’t change the channel so each shopper is figuratively handcuffed to an ad that has been designed by our professional graphic design team.
  • Your Digital Ad will be seen a lot! The average shopper visits the market 2-3 times per week and will spend an average of 45-60 minutes per visit. Additionally, the average supermarket sees 10′s of thousands of customers per week!
  • Your digital Ad will target the right people! Whether you have a demographic or geographic target criteria for potential customers, digital ads can’t miss since you get to pick the store!

About us

Advertising agency – Chicago AD Solution, Inc

We would like to offer you unique opportunity to promote your business – Digital, Radio and Online Advertising.
Our company specializes in digital promoting businesses among the Polish-American community.
Over 13000 TV commercials per month for $199. Radio advertising from $10. Our big screen monitors are located in the best-known and most-visited Polish Supermarkets (North Side and South Side of Chicago). Your digital advertising spot will reach thousands of people every day Download our Information Sheet

Our Digital Signage provides continuous advertising  throughout a shoppers trip, and unbeatable exposure to a captive audience. In fact, more people spend more time more often in supermarkets than anywhere else in the community. Consequently, digital advertising offer more exposure to your target audience more often and for a greater length of time than literally any other advertising media, and for substantially less money than any other advertising media….guaranteed  read more

Chicago Ad Solution is a full service advertising agency providing our customers the best service at affordable prices.